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Our Mission!

Empowering youth with the confidence and life skills to  become community leaders of tomorrow.

At Lay-Up, we focus on coming up with ways to prevent self-destructive behaviours in youth from priority neighbourhoods. We educate our kids on the problems of gang violence, substance abuse, and childhood obesity by supporting their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

What we believe in!

The true power of sport lies in its ability to draw the interest of youth.

Sport is a great way to promote confidence, social development, and healthy lifestyles. By using sports as a platform, we are able to engage youth, and provide off the court education which can benefit them in their everyday lives. This is done through our comprehensive social curriculum which develops participants as leaders by addressing four developmental pillars:   

Our Core Pillars Focus On:
Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
Promoting a healthy lifestyle is essential to our programs. Lay-Up works with Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) certified High Five principles to ensure that all teaching is in line with age-specific guidance around movement and physical activity. We also bring in guest speakers and partners to educate participants on how to properly care for themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.
Career & Academic Opportunity
Lay-Up uses our staff and a network of guest speakers to provide participants with exposure to career and academic opportunities within sports and beyond. Through community workers, police officers, business people, scientists, and many more guests, we disprove the notion that youth from our community cannot pursue certain career and academic opportunities. 
Being a Better Community Citizen 
Through the coaches trainee program, guest appearances, and staff lessons, Lay-Up’s programming exposes participants to the power that they have to create positive change in their communities. We discuss a range of topics including community safety, mentorship, and sustainability to show participants the many ways they can influence their neighbourhoods. 
Skill Development
It is one thing to develop awareness of opportunities, but Lay-Up provides participants with necessary tools to seize them. Youth engage with our program in a different way than they do at school. We use this engagement to teach lessons in leadership, teamwork, communication, and academics. Our goal is to equip participants with the cognitive and emotional skills they will need in their day to day lives.