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Jumpstart could not make this degree of impact without the strong partnerships we have in Communities across Canada. Community Partners, like Lay-Up, work with local Jumpstart Chapters to identify the kids whose families need Jumpstart’s funding assistance to get them off the sidelines and into the game.

As a partner, Lay-Up Youth Basketball is responsive, innovative, passionate, enthusiastic and driven. They are exactly the type of partner Jumpstart relies on to help more kids this year than we did last year. Lay-Up Youth Basketball is a strong communicator and always informing Jumpstart of the work they are doing and are continually thinking of new ways to nurture and grow the partnership to help more kids from the local community.

MLSE Foundation’s partnership with Lay Up Youth Basketball has significantly increased access for children and youth in the community of Regent Park, St James Town and Moss Park. We couldn’t be prouder of our partnership with them and encourage you to consider their application for charitable status, as a solid and sustainable youth-development organization.

TDSB Principal 
The Lay-Up program is doing tremendous work to bridge opportunity gaps for kids in priority neighborhoods across Toronto. Lay Up programming gives children opportunities to get active playing basketball, but just as importantly there is also a leadership and academic component to their programming. There are lots of basketball programs available to inner city kids but few that offer the same quality of athletic development along with a focus on building leadership and academic skills. I am proud to be partnering with Lay Up to provide stellar programming for Regent Park kids.

TDSB Principal 
Lay-Up is more than basketball and offers meaningful, engaging programming that provides significant benefits to our students. Lay-Up’s focus on healthy living, life skills as well as academics helps develop our students in ways that will positively impact them at home, school and other areas of life. Lay-Up’s after-school programs, which run from 6-8pm on Thursdays, also fill a programming gap in our community. The 6-8pm timeslot can be a time when youth can engage in a productive environment when their parents that are not home and after-school programs aren’t available. Lay-Up’s programs do not only fill this gap, but offer students an amazing opportunity to develop as both basketball players, and individuals.   

Lay-Up, Parent 
There are no other cost-free programs which provide the same quality of programming as Lay-Up. Lay-Up has helped to dramatically improve my daughter’s basketball skills. Besides basketball, Lay-Up has developmental activities and rewards that have led to my daughter improving her teamwork, communication, and listening and also grow as a leader. In teaching and rewarding these life skills, Lay-Up incentives my daughter to carry this over to other areas of life and I have seen an improvement in her listening and communication both at home and school.  

Lay-Up, Parent 
Lay-Up is an amazing program. Since my daughters joined I have seen them improve as a team player and ability to work with and lead others. The non-basketball component, like science workshops, and guest speakers, have helped my daughters develop non-basketball interests and skills. I really like the way Lay-Up uses rewards to encourage improved worth ethic, leadership, and teamwork. By providing rewards, they showed my daughters that positive behaviour, and improvement, has a real positive value, which has motivated them to take these improvement to other areas of their lives. The program has given them a better sense of the value of positive behaviour.