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Basketball Photography Program

& Mural Installation

This project explores access to space by empowering youth to share their relationship to gyms, basketball, identity and photography through workshops and a mural installation.

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The Photography program will consist of 5 x 3-hour photography sessions. Participants will work towards developing photo work reflective of their experiences and growth, showing their relationship to basketball, community/identity, and photography. This work will influence the direction of the images for the mural.


Throughout the program, they will develop visual literacy through hands-on learning, dialogue, prompts, production and critique. Participants will learn the art of storytelling and how to apply design elements to capture impactful images. Discussion around access to basketball courts, what makes the sport, and the environment of the sport essential to the growth of the participants. With this project, I hope to expand the conversation to institutions that own basketball courts to shed light on access to courts and affordable programming to activate courts that are becoming dormant.

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Ebti Nabag

A graduate of X University’s MFA program Documentary Media in Film and Photography, Ebti is a visual artist who works with photography, video, and installation. She is a digital and analogue photography instructor. She teams up with galleries and community art organizations to develop art programs that provide opportunities for creative self-expression and aid in the development of identity. Her personal work focuses on telling stories of the everyday person, often from underrepresented communities. She also uses her work to connect with her home country, Sudan, the people and culture of Sudan. She hopes her documentations serve as bridges between people and communities.

Her exhibits include Three-Thirty, The Bubble of Youth (2020), a part of Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, exhibited at the Doris McCarthy Gallery, and as an outdoor installation in Malvern. The Bubble of Youth pictures youth and after school cultures as a time of possibility and meaning making in which young people assert how they mark, claim and inhabit their community.

Safety in Public Space (2020) where she traveled city wide within Toronto to public spaces capturing communities’ changing interactions within their local parks, squares and centers of communal gathering. The work examined how ideas of safety manifest and are communicated in public spaces through borders, boundaries, signs, symbols, and public space architecture.

Tea Ladies of Sudan (2019) is a photo and video project funded by Canada Council. This work highlights the lives of Sudanese women who sell tea for living. The Tea Ladies are often the breadwinner of the homes. With the rise of the inflation rate in Sudan, and political unrest the women find themselves navigating challenges on a daily basis to provide for their families

In 2022, her work will be included in the 2022 African Biennial of Photography held in Mali.

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